Starting Saturday 1 Jul 17, ZSA will be holding monthly matches every 1st Saturday of the month at Flatwoods Range in Hubert, NC (111 2nd Amendment Lane, how cool is that). Our first match will be an ICORE/ZSA match. We have started the ONLY ICORE, International Confederation Of Revolver Enthusiasts, Club in the Great State of North Carolina. I know many of you think revolvers are antique weapons, BUT, there are a few of us hard core old school revolver shooters that get out of the retirement homes every once in a while and we like to play too. For the first match at Flatwoods in Hubert NC, there will be 1 ICORE classifier stage, with some other field course as well. This is basically ZSA/USPSA style shooting for revo shooters. We will allow ANY pistol to shoot, even those plastic bottom feeder things like Glocks, but all shooters will be limited to 8 rounds max in their mags, as ICORE has 8 shot revolver division. This will be a fun match. Please come out and help support our club, “SemperFICORE” totally bad ass name in my humble opinion, and was chosen to Honor all our U.S. MARINE friends, family and shooters in the Jacksonville, NC area. Match is $20, registration at 0830-0930, match will start at 10:00am.

There will still be a monthly ZSA regular pistol match, as usual on the first Saturday each month, at The Range in Oxford NC.  Parry Ketchmark will run the Oxford NC matches and John Z will run the matches at Flatwoods Range in Hubert NC.



ZSA is shooting sport geared towards the new shooter as a gateway to safe, competitive, firearms fun.  Seasoned shooters will also definitely find many challenges to improve their game.

Thanks to all who came out to shoot and spectate at our last match!  We had a great time with all the shooters.  We appreciate the participation everyone puts in to make the match run smoothly, and seeing folks enjoying themselves only serves to fuel our enthusiasm.  Without the interest and support from YOU, the shooters, none of this would be possible!

Shooting Zombies at Eagle 1 Raleigh

Shooting Zombies at an indoor range

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