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Breaking News!!!!!!!!!

When we started ZSA, we started to call ourselves the “Gateway to Competitive Shooting”. Well now the gate is open.

Zombie Shooters Association is proud to announce that we are now an Official part of USPSA!

USPSA Club# NC29

Our goal was provide a laid back, fun and safe venue to help introduce the new shooter to get excited about the world of competitive shooting sports.

The 2 big things we emphasize at any ZSA match is the importance of being SAFE while having FUN, and according to all the feed back we have received from our members and shooters is that we are doing just that, so we decided to open things up to help the new shooters take what we think is the next step in shooting sports, USPSA.

We will continue to spread ZSA around the Country with our matches, but here in North Carolina, we wanted to give our shooters a way to try USPSA with people they already know and may be more comfortable shooting with.

We are very lucky in this area to have many great USPSA clubs, Sir Walter being one of the best monthly matches around, probably one of the best in the Country, we get a Level 2 quality match every month from the great staff at Sir Walter. Our goal is to add to the variety of USPSA matches in the area. Whether the new shooter wants to stay with just ZSA, or expand into USPSA as well, we want to be there to help keep it SAFE and as always, keep it FUN, please join us at a match soon.

Thanks to all who came out to shoot and spectate at our last match!  We had a great time with all the shooters.  We appreciate the participation everyone puts in to make the match run smoothly, and seeing folks enjoying themselves only serves to fuel our enthusiasm.  Without the interest and support from YOU, the shooters, none of this would be possible!

Shooting Zombies at Eagle 1 Raleigh

Shooting Zombies at an indoor range

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