2016 ZSA/PSR37 “Vet-Am” event, November 11, 2016 at PSR37

Date: 11 Nov 16 Veteran’s Day
Time: 0900-1400
Place: 37PSR 1333 Loop Rd. Bunnlevel, NC 28323
Mission: Raise enough money to provide 4 service dogs to Veterans that are in need, the 4 dog goal is to provide a service dog to a Veteran of each Branch, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine.
Schedule of events:
0830-0900 Registration and welcome
0900-0945 Teams and RO briefing
0945-1000 Opening remarks, safety brief, National Anthem
1000-1300 Main shooting event
1300-1400 Lunch
1400-whenever Side Matches
This event will consist of 2 man teams shooting 5 different stages. Each stage will have a variety of weapons that the shooters will fire at various ZSA “Zombie” and “Infected” targets.
Over the 5 stages, the shooters will use, AR-15, AK-47, Ruger Mini-14, Beretta M-9, Ruger LCR, S&W Model 10, Ruger LCP, Bersa Thunder, Colt 1911, Springfield 1911, Stoeger Coach Gun, Glock 19, Mosin-Nagant, British Enfield and a good ol’ ‘Mercan Marlin 30-30 lever gun. Calibers will be .380 Auto, .38 Special, 9MM, .45 ACP, .223, 7.62X39, 30-30, .303 Brit, 7.62X54 R, and of course some 12 gauge.
Teams will be made up of an American Veteran or Active Duty Service Member and an American Patriot shooting side by side as a team. Teams will be made on site, no need to come as a team, come alone or as a team. We are asking a donation of $250.00 per shooter, but please come out and we will do what we can if $$ is tight.
All weapons and ammo are provided, please bring your own eye/ear protection.
Every penny we raise will go directly to H3, the organization that trains these dogs for our Veterans and gives them to those in need at no charge to the Veteran. It costs H3 roughly $3,000.00 to train and get the dog ready for service, so this is why we need your help. Our goal is $12,000.00, enough for 4 dogs.
After the main event, we will set up side matches for anyone to participate in. Each side match will have cool prizes for the winners. Raffle tickets will be sold at $10.00 each, 6 for $50.00 and 13 for $100.00, you will use 1/2 of the ticket as entry fee for each time you shoot, and the other 1/2 of the ticket will get you in the drawing for more prizes at the end of the day. The side matches will be all pistol events, and shooters will use their own handgun and ammo. There will be 1 side match that will feature a Glock 18 (for those of you that don’t know about the Glock 18, it’s the FULL AUTO version!!) This weapon and ammo will be provided.
Please help us help our Veterans this Veteran’s Day. You will have a great time, meet some amazing Americans and show our Vets that we care and love them. Come out as a competitor, side match shooter, supporter, spectator, whatever capacity you can. Thanks and God Bless our Veterans!!



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Thanks to all who came out to shoot and spectate at our last match!  We had a great time with all the shooters.  We appreciate the participation everyone puts in to make the match run smoothly, and seeing folks enjoying themselves only serves to fuel our enthusiasm.  Without the interest and support from YOU, the shooters, none of this would be possible!

Shooting Zombies at Eagle 1 Raleigh

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