ZOMBIE INFECTION HAS SPREAD to Tulsa OK at US Shooting Academy and Zombie Shooters Association is Joining the Fight!

US Shooting Academy - Zombie Shooters AssociationJoin US Shooters Academy (USSA) for their 1st Annual Zombie Shooters Association – “Zombiefest”

Sunday, October 30 · 10:00am – 6:00pm
US Shooting Academy
6500 East 66th St N
Tulsa, OK

Cost: Free for USSA Members  $5 per family for non members

Kids Activities:   Trunk or Treat, … Haunted House,  Hayride,  Costume Contest,  Various games,  Rim-Fire shoot for Kids 10 – 15,  Trick or Treating Safety Lesson

Adult Activities:
Zombie Shooters Association Zombie Shoot
Sign in starts at 9:30 am Shooting at 10:00
5 stages ~ Pistol Only
$10 entry
More Information to follow,

Long Range Pumpkin Shoot
Sign in at 1:00 pm, shooting at 1:30 pm
Center fire and rim fire divisions, scoped and irons
$8 entry
Targets will be small candy pumpkins at 100yds and 1 pumpkin filled with tannerite
Course of fire: 3 shots for group (tie breakers) hit candy pumpkins, shoot tannerite, 90 seconds to complete

Machine Gun Shoot
$50 base package includes 2 mag for sub machine gun of choice, 1 Zombie target and range instructions.
$110 Premium package includes: 4 mags for sub machine gun of choice and photo with realistic (Bleeding) Zombie

Register here!

US Shooting Academy is having their first Zombie Shooters Association (ZSA) match and ZSA is excited to help them eliminate zombies on their range! More about USSA:
The United States Shooting Academy was formed in 2004 to be the preeminent firearms training and competition facility in the nation. Located on over 90 acres in the Cherokee Industrial Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma, The United States Shooting Academy encompasses over 30 pistol ranges, numerous 100 meter carbine ranges, a 300 meter rifle range, and a 36 point PPC range. Additionally, USSA has a multi-lane fully programmable computer controlled reactive steel range, pneumatically resetting plate rack ranges, programmable turning target ranges, and an automated shootoff range. Furthermore, students and competitors have access to our fully ballistic rifle rated live-fire training structure as well as our 360 degree training range. We believe that our facilities are second to none.

More about US Shooting Academy:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/US-Shooting-Academy/61657425010 

More about Zombie Shooters Association:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ZombieShootersAssociation

Join the Fight.. So many Zombies, so little time!
Video: Zombie Shooters Association

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ZSA Wedding Raffle Winners

Thanks to everyone who donated items for our ZSA Wedding Match at The Range on October 16th!  If anyone listed below was not at the wedding to receive their item, we will have the prizes with us for you at upcoming match events.


Raffle Winners:

Side Match Guns
Rob Tate
Jason Gray

Benelli Shotgun
Ken Kiesler

AR15 Grip Pods
Mark French
Matt Mayers
Ken Dunaway
Robert Kreashko
Kori Horsley

Zombie Target
Matt Mayers

1 year USPSA membership – new or renewal
Jeff Jamison

Sir Walter Match Bucks
Heather Fitzhugh
Bobbi Fratto
Craig Fitzhugh
John Scarborough

Steel Challenge Entries
Bobbi Fratto
Kori Horsley

Magazine Loaders
George Devlin
Bruce Rogers
Bill Pitsicalis

Spinner Target
Ken Kiesler

Appleseed Rifleman Weekend event
Jody Cole
Michael Hollar

Social Media for Business books by Martin Brossman
George Devlin
Ken Kiesler

Shooters Crossword Puzzle Books
Dana Way
Bill Stoudenmire
David Morse

Zombieland Movie
Albert Hopping

Box of Twinkies
Scott Ruby
Kori Horsley

TPC Match entry
Willie Lewis

Sniper Match entry
Beth Newton

Ear Plugs from Ear East
Bill Hamlin

Ear Plugs from Hear Armor
Bruce Rogers

Silver Eagle coin
Ken Kiesler

Zombie Survival Guide
John Payne

Wedding Match tshirt
John Scarborough

Trigger Talk TV videos
Todd Smith
Kori Horsley
Bryce Riedasch

Red Zombie Lube
Matt Dickens
Robert Kreashko

Carolina Gun Runner tshirts
John Lane
Sherman Graham
Jim Dyson
George Devlin
Jason Lai
Craig Dunkley
Ken Kiesler
Kenny Payne



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ZSA Wedding Side Match results, current as of 10/10/2011

Guns for Zombie Shooters Association Wedding Side MatchSIDE MATCH RESULTS AS OF 10.10.11

This is the wedding side match (not the actual guns to be won, but we will have a brand new 1911 and brand new S&W 686 at the wedding). Both guns loaded with 5 rounds, at buzzer, pick up one gun, shoot 2 Zombies and 1 Infected, place gun down, pick up other and do it again. Best overall time will win their choice of the 2 guns, and the second gun will be randomly drawn for one shooter from the side match.

We will have the gun match at the Wedding too and give away the guns at the end of the day. Please RSVP if you can come: email@zombieshootersassociation.com or on our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/zombieshootersassociation.com

More about the Gun Range Wedding and Match:

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Trigger Talk TV Interviews John Z and Mel G – Co-Founders of Zombie Shooters Association

Triger Talk TV Interviews Zombie Shooters Association

TTTV 41: Zombie Shooters Association of America
“In this episode of Trigger Talk TV, Reuben talks with John and Mel, the Co-founders of the Zombie Shooters Association (ZSA) of America. ZSA is a new fast-paced shooting sport that provides safe and competitive firearms fun for all ages and skill levels.”

Click on this link to hear the show:

Topic covered on this show:

  • How ZSA got started
  • Mel’s comments on the growing number of women in the shooting sports
  • ZSA scoring
  • How to have a ZSA match in your area
  • John and Mel’s up coming Gun Range Wedding

Trigger Talk TV is your place to learn about anything and everything with a trigger. Reuben talks about firearms ownership and the shooting sports with a no-nonsense yet friendly, unassuming and approachable demeanor. Whether you’re a beginner who is new to the world of guns or a rusty old enthusiast, you’re sure to find something of interest here.  Watch online at http://triggertalk.tv, via iTunes, and Roku.

We at ZSA want to thank all that have supported us and Martin Brossman for his marketing help and using his studio. This is a wonderful thing to occur right before our Gun Range Wedding that will be Oct 16th 2011.

Share with your friends and join us!
On Facebook: http://Facebook.com/ZombieShootersAssociation


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Press Release: Gun Range Wedding – John Z Sr. and Mel G married at one of their ZSA matches 10-16-2011

Gun Range Wedding and Match - Zombie Shooters Association - ZSA
Gun Range Wedding and Match – John and Mel

Gun Range Wedding and Match of
John Z Sr. and Mel G!



Zombie Shooters Association is proud to announce the joining of its two founders. John Z Sr. and Mel G will be getting married at one of their ZSA matches this October

Oxford NC, October 16, 2011: On this date at The Range, 5027 Hancock Road, Oxford NC 27565, John and Mel will be declaring their love for each other and their love of the shooting sports at the first Wedding/ Zombie Shooters Association pistol match and pig pick ‘in. We will be holding the wedding ceremony at Noon which will be followed by a 6 stage pistol match, which will also be followed by a raffle drawing for great prizes while the guests can feast on a authentic North Carolina pig pick ‘in barbeque


Not only will we be holding a ZSA pistol match, but there will be other things to do as well…

  • El-ZombieDentie side match.

Starting with a revolver and 1911 pistol loaded with 5 rounds each, pick up one gun at a time and eliminate 2 Zombie and 1 Infected targets, drop and pick up the other gun and repeat, fastest time will win their choice of the guns used in the side match.

For more information visit http://ZombieShootersAssociation.com

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ZSA Match Stage Briefs – for match at Central Carolina Gun Club on 9/17/11

CCGC stage 1

CCGC stage 2

CCGC stage 3

CCGC stage 4

CCGC stage 5

CCGC stage 6

CCGC stage 7

Classifier Stage

2011 Classifier Scoresheets


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ZSA Match Stage Brief – 8/28/11

Stage briefs for ZSA match 8 28 11

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Zombie Shooters Association Wedding Match, October 16th

A gun range is an unusual place for a wedding, unless you are the co-founders of ZSA. We have decided to make a lifelong commitment to each other to get married doing what we love best on our special day. Competition shooting is what initially brought us together; not many couples can say that, but we’re proud of it!  The actual wedding ceremony will occur at 1p.m., and will precede the ZSA Pistol Match on October 16th at The Range in Oxford NC.  Members of ZSA, friends, family, and all shooters are welcome and invited to attend!  

John & Mel, we're making it official!

John & Mel, we're making it official!


The basics of the event include:

  • Pistol match with 6 stages.
  • Ceremony will be held at 12 noon, prior to match start.
  • Bring your gun and holster; the match will be approximately 150 rounds, but we suggest you bring 200 rounds.
  • If you don’t want to be photographed, just privately tell the photographer at the day of the match/wedding.
  • In the event of rain the ceremony will still occur in the shoot house.
  • Plans are to have a BBQ pig picking afterward; in order to prepare, please contact us no later than two weeks ahead of time so we’ll have an accurate headcount.
  • The match fee is $30.00 per shooter, this includes your meal after the match.  An additional $10 will be charged for each guest you bring that will not be shooting if they plan to eat.
  • After the match we are planning to hold a raffle to give away prizes we’re receiving from the generous donations of friends!  If you want to get in on the drawings, please contact us via email through www.zombieshootersassociation.com.  We’ll also have raffle tickets with us at all the matches we shoot locally every month on a regular basis.  The tickets are $2 each, or 3 for $5.  We’re compiling a list of items as they become available, keep an eye out to see what we have.

We are very excited about our future together, and would love to see as many of you as possible join us for this special occasion!  So many of our fellow shooters have become family to us, and we want this to be a memorable event for all.  We hope to make this a happy, fun, exciting day, and having you with us to witness and participate in the beginning of our life together would be the best gift you could give us!

If you plan to attend, please send us an email through the website at email@zombieshootersassociation.com.  This will allow you to RSVP for the wedding, and enable us to prepare for the number of people who will be in attendance and enjoying some southern food and hospitality.  Please use this method to let us know if you are coming, it will greatly aide in our planning!  We can send you the information on where to send a check if you’d like to preregister, which will make things run more smoothly the day of the wedding.

Wedding/match location:  The Range, 5027 Hancock Road, Oxford NC 27565
“Home of the Carolina Cup” – the best IDPA match of the year! 

Gun Range Wedding and Match - Zombie Shooters Association - ZSA

Gun Range Wedding and Match - John and Mel

Mel and John – co-founders of Zombie Shooters Association

If you can join us please RSVP by email at email@zombieshootersassociation.com
or on our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/ZombieShootersAssociation#!/event.php?eid=231112966939682

Also Raffle tickets will be on sale until the drawing, check out the cool stuff:

Join us on Facebook at:



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ZSA Wedding Match October 16th – Raffle Listing

Raffle Tickets for Zombie Shooters Association WeddingYou have until October 16th to buy a raffle ticket(s) to get in on the prizes we’ll be giving out at the Zombie Shooters Association Wedding Match for John & Mel! Send us an email to email@zombieshootersassociation.com if you want to get your tickets – they are $2 each, or $5 for three tickets. Or, you can purchase your tickets from John or Mel at the local USPSA, IDPA and ZSA matches we always attend in and around the Raleigh area. Winner need not be present to win.

As of October 11th, the list of items for the drawing is:

Benelli Super Nova shotgun, donated by Eagle 1 Supply in Raleigh, NC

Benelli Super Nova - ZSA

Benelli Super Nova


5 Grip Pods for AR15, donated by North Raleigh Guns in Raleigh, NC.

AR15 Grip Pod

AR15 Grip Pod


Tactical Bleeding Target Zombie, donated by Zombie Industries in Poway, CA

Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target - Chris

Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target - Chris


One Year New Membership or One Year Renewal Membership for USPSA, donated by the N.C. Section/Bill Stoudenmire

One Yr New or Renewal Membership - USPSA NC Section

One Yr New or Renewal Membership - USPSA NC Section


Sir Walter Match Bucks towards a USPSA match fee, donated by Martin Little
Four (4) at $10 each

$10 match bucks for USPSA at Sir Walter

$10 match bucks for USPSA at Sir Walter


Steel Challenge tickets towards match fee, donated by Mike Oberman at Southern Virginia Defensive Firearms Institute
Two (2) at $15 each

Steel Challenge Match Entry at SVDFI

Steel Challenge Match Entry at SVDFI


Three (3) Uplula pistol mag loader and unloader tools, donated by Nick at New Shooter Podcast

Uplula Universal Mag Loader/Unloader

Uplula Universal Mag Loader/Unloader


Birchwood Casey Double Mag Spinner Target, donated by Martin Brossman


Birchwood Casey Double Mag Spinner Target

Birchwood Casey Double Mag Spinner Target


Two (2) Appleseed Weekend Events, donated by Appleseed Instructors

Appleseed Project

Appleseed Project


Two (2) books on Social Media for Business!, donated by Martin Brossman

Social Media for Business!

Social Media for Business!


Three (3) copies: The Shooters Crossword Puzzle & Word Search Book,
donated by Caroline M Schloss, M.A.

The Shooters Crossword Puzzle & Word Search Book

The Shooters Crossword Puzzle & Word Search Book


ZOMBIELAND – the movie, donated by Martin Brossman

Zombieland - The Movie

Zombieland - The Movie

Hostess Twinkies, 10 pack, donated by Martin Brossman

HostessTwinkies - Zombieland


TPC Match Entry, donated by Durham P.D. League


Sniper Match Entry, donated by Damon Woodall


Custom Fitted Dual Filter Ear Plugs, donated by Wade Stober of EAR-East LLC


Custom Fitted Ear Plugs, donated by Adam Mehlenbacher of Hear Armor


Hoppe’s No. 9 Air Fresheners, donated by Martin Brossman

Hoppes No. 9 Air Freshner

Hoppes No. 9 Air Freshner

A Silver Eagle  Donated by Terry Petrovick (talk to Martin Brossman to learn more)

Silver Coin - Silver Eagle

The Zombie Survival Guide! Donated by “By The Shore – Scuba Lessons – Kevin Alexander”

The Zombie Survival Guide


Keep checking back here, we will continue to add items as we get them! More good stuff is on the way!





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ZSA Match Stage Brief – 7/23/11

Stage briefs for ZSA match 7 23 11

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