A new concept we’ve been trying out with ZSA is the new “Centurion” match. This is about as pure and simple as it gets,,, you have 100 6″ X 6″ steel plates to knock down and there is a 200 second time out. Any plates left standing will be scored as “still walking” and will add 5 seconds per plate left to your time. Very simple and loads of FUN!!! All plates are 8-12 yards away.

Shooters may shoot the stage with all pistol (they get HOT!!!) or all pistol caliber carbine (.22 rimfire, .380 Auto, 9MM, .40 S&W or .45 ACP). NO STEEL AMMO allowed of any type. You may also shoot a combo of pistol and pistol caliber carbine. After a few matches, and seeing how the bases of the plates are holding up, we will no longer do shotgun, as the shotguns are totally blowing the bases off the plates, sorry shotgun people.

So bring plenty of ammo, and your favorite pistols and pistol caliber carbines out for a very intense 200 seconds of FUN!!

Below are the best runs to date:

“100” Club PISTOL unlimted mag capacity

John Z. 97.46

Russell Poole 98.55

“125” Club

John Horsley 107.61

Jim Tiller 110.60

Bill Powell 113.56

Gary Gallion 119.10

Mark French 119.42

Jonathan Garcia 120.27

David Pelham 122.56

Kevin Hall 122.99

“150” Club

Erick Collins 126.92

Cole 142.23

Ken Kiesler 144.60

Tony B. 146.75

Ben Gwilliam 146.91

“175” Club

Hal 165.18

Brian Walsh 167.47

Mark Panarusky 174.90

“200” Club

“250” Club

Charley Mullen 201.99

Don 210.07

Clint F. 225.55

Parry 240.06

JP 246.65

PISTOL 8 round Division “Single Stack”

“150” Club

John Z. 138.11

PISTOL 6 round Division “Revolver”

“175” Club

John Z. 167.82

PCC pistol caliber carbine

“80” club

Russel Poole 72.26

“90” Club

John Horsley 80.03

John Z. 86.23

Kori Horsley 88.15

“100” Club

“125 Club

“150” Club

“175” Club

“200” Club

Ken Kiesler 186.42