How Zombie Shooters Association compares to NRA, IDPA or USPSA shooting

ZSA - Zombie Shooters Association

ZSA - Zombie Shooters Association


How does our association compare to other shooting sports?  Of course, they are each in their own way a specific venue that provides people the opportunity to shoot competition.  Each discipline/game has it’s own unique rules.  Each allows people to improve their skills. Each offers a certain perspective on what that association deems important in that game. 

Zombie Shooters Association was founded with the intent to appeal to newer shooters, but also to experienced shooters.  Safe, competitive fun, pure and simple.  USPSA is my personal favorite game, the speed and stage design are the things that draw me.  IDPA is great for a lower round count and accuracy is key, as well as using some “tactics” as you engage targets, makes this a great game in it’s own right.  NRA Bullseye is the old standard in pistol shooting, accuracy first and foremost. ICORE is like USPSA with revolvers and it has accuracy demands very similar to IDPA, that’s not to say you can’t be inaccurate in USPSA, but you must be FAST and accurate. So, with ZSA, you can get the opportunity to shoot with new friends, while practicing speed and accuracy, in a fun setting. 

Confused yet? Don’t be, come out and watch, or better yet, shoot with us and learn the basics and go from there. I can guarantee you a fun time, while you learn what safe, competitive shooting is all about. Many folks will go on and join USPSA or IDPA after shooting with us, and while the rules and equipment vary from sport to sport, you will come prepared with a background in safety and how to shoot a stage. Not sure what gun or the game? Our game will allow you to shoot what you have and we’ll let you know what other games you can compete in with what you already have, or what other items you may need. Indoors at Eagle 1 in Raleigh, N.C.  every other Wed night and starting in March, outdoors at The Range in Oxford, N.C., Home of “The Carolina Cup” – the BEST IDPA match of the year. You can always find many of us at Sir Walter Gun Club in Creedmoor, N.C. the 1st Saturday of the month shooting USPSA. Martin and his staff put on one of the best local matches in the Country every month and you will see National and World Champion shooters there almost every month !!  Look forward to meeting new friends at our upcoming events. What are your comment and views? 

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