How ZSA can benefit your IDPA and USPSA shooting

Zombie Shooters Association All Gun MatchOne of the primary concepts that drives ZSA is our objective to make this game “new shooter” friendly.  However, there are many experienced shooters that shoot ZSA and participate in other pistol games as well.  We do, in fact, encourage this, as we believe different games offer shooters the ability to hone multiple skills depending on the rules of the various games (and we shoot and are members of IDPA and USPSA ourselves).

A prime example of this statement is shown in the video below.  This is an IDPA stage where head shots were required in the course of fire.  In our ZSA matches, head shots are required in order to get a good scoring hit on a Zombie Target…

There may be instances also in a USPSA stage when your “best” option will be to take a head shot – such as if you are engaging a moving target, and when it comes to rest leaves only the head remaining visible.  Or it may be your only option if the body of a target is painted black – which represents hard cover, and shots in the body would not count as hits.

Come out and join us at a ZSA match and work on practicing those head shots.  It might just improve your IDPA or USPSA game, make you an all around better shooter, and best of all you’ll have fun!  



Head shots on a USPSA target

Head shots on a USPSA target



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