Eagle 1 Zombie Shooters AssociationPLEASE MAKE NOTE:  Beginning in April and all months thereafter, we will no longer be holding matches on Wednesday nights.  In April we will switch our matches to the second Saturday night of every month, with the second Saturday in April being the 9th.  We feel this change will be more accommodating and convenient for most people, and it will allow us more time for the match – therefore giving us time for more stages, or higher round count stages.  The registration and start time for the matches has yet to be determined, but as soon as we have that information we will be posting it in our Calendar.  Please watch for the updates, and feel free to contact us through our email or on our Facebook page if you have a question, or contact the guys at Eagle 1.  We also hope to be able to set up a grill and have hamburgers and/or hot dogs to purchase, so this will give folks a chance to eat if they’d like, and also make it a more social event.

Thanks, and be sure to spread the word!

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