More great news!!!!!   As of just a few hours ago, we just added a newly infected site to safely enjoy the fast growing new sport of “ZSA”.  The proprietors of “The Range” in Oxford, NC (home of the BEST IDPA match in the Country, “Carolina Cup”) have opened their great outdoor facility to “ZSA” matches.  The first one will be March 26, 2011.  What makes this even better, is it will be a “ZAG” (Zombie All Gun) match as opposed to a standard “ZAP” (Zombie Action Pistol) match. All you need is your handgun (see Rules & Equipment), a shotgun in 12 or 20 gauge, and a rifle.

You will compete in REGular division (all standard sights on all 3 guns) or NOT REGular division (any scope, Aimpoint, laser or whatever you have on any or all guns). You decide to keep it simple, or bring out the fancy stuff. Handguns will be as in Rules & Regulations
Shotguns will be 12 or 20 guage any action type ,6 rounds or less or more than 6 rounds.
Rifles will be 2 types, rifle caliber ( .223, 5.45X39, .30 Carbine, 7.62X39, .308 Win/7.62X51 Nato, 30-06 pistol caliber carbine (9mm, .40 S&W, 10MM, .45 ACP) and can be AR-15 type upper receiver conversions.
Rifles will be broken down by capacity as follows: 8 round max load (Garands) 20 round (mini -14, SKS with 20 round fixed, etc.) 30 round and up (got a Beta-C mag ? use it !!)

This should get us going for the first one.  Bring what ya got and have some safe fun. Contact us to find our more:

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