News – Shooting Range Wedding is the Event of the Year – ZSA John and Mel Married with Match on Gun Range

Shooting Range Wedding - Zombie Shooters AssociationAll the videos and pictures are in of  John and Mel’s, co-founder of  Zombie Shooters Association, wedding day on a gun range and gun match. It was a wedding on a shooting Range followed by an outstanding ZSA pistol match and NC barbecue!

Click here to see photo of the pre-match before the wedding.
The Wedding Squad!

Click here to see Photos of the actual wedding

And here to see photos of the Pistol match on the wedding day

Photos of the Pre-match 

The Pre-Wedding Match for RO’s and the team helping with the wedding.
Great ZSA walk through where John Z. explains each stage:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The actual Wedding on video:

The Wedding:

A few videos at the ZSA Wedding Match from Ravin Perry, thanks!:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

Stage 5:

Stage 6:

See the Video by Forest Halley of the Wedding Vows by Ravin Perry

The Wedding Day Patch:

Thanks to all that helped and came to celebrate with us including:

  • Kori Stoner Horsley for the amazing baking and support!
  • Frank & Paula Glover, The Range in Oxford NC
  • The Photo/Video Team:
    – Matthew West, Forrest Halley, Gary McConnell
  • Martin Brossman – “Gun Range Wedding Coordinator and Marketing”
  • Russ Pope for the wedding match t-shirts
  • Trigger Talk TV
  • Both of our families for all the support
  • Pastor Lee Crum and his wife RuthAnn
  • All of our terrific friends and RO’s!
  • All sponsors who donated items for the raffle
Gun Range Wedding of ZSA co-founders John and Mel
Hope you enjoyed the Shooting Range Wedding on the Gun Range called The Range, in Oxford NC. Thanks Frank!!
Come see John and Mel at a Zombie Shooters Association match in the future: and sign up for the email notice.
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