Rules, Scoring and Equipment

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Zombie Shooters Association - EquipmentHandguns shall be broken down as follows:

> Any SAFE single/double action semi or revolver of any barrel length
> Regular Sights – any type, no optics or lasers
> Not regular sights – any optic or laser

6 DIV: No more than 6 rounds loaded at any time.
8 DIV: No more than 8 rounds loaded at any time.
15 DIV: No more than 15 rounds loaded at any time.
24 DIV: No more than 24 rounds loaded at any time.
HEAVY METAL: Sorry for not getting this done sooner…  We here at ZSA want to reward those of you that shoot grown up caliber guns made of walnut and steel.  For our pistol matches, Heavy Metal is .45 ACP (yes, .45 Colt is fine) with a maximum of 6 rounds loaded in mags/moonclips/speed loaders.  Basically, this is for S&W 625 revolvers that many of you have, but no longer use due to the “other sport” rendering them obsolete by allowing 8 shot revolvers… total blasphemy in my opinion.  This also is for Mr. Browning’s classic 1911, which also seems to be shot less these days with all the plastic guns in 9mm and the dot sights (be a man and shoot real open division) and don’t get me started on the tacticool  “C” class production dudes that can now win a pistol match using a rifle with a comp and dot in 9mm, you guys are so damn cool!!!!   So, rules are very simple – 6 rounds in loading devices – mags/moonclips/speed loaders, but you may engage “infected” targets with 1 head shot, or, 2 body shots – at least 1 hit of the 2 in “the good” for our 2 gun, rifle/pistol matches.  Rifle must be .308 caliber, 7.62×51 or larger, no mag capacity limit, pistols must be .45 ACP and no mag capacity limit.

If your ammo isn’t centerfired and not strong enough to knock down steel, too bad!

1) Any safe holster that is not a crossdraw, small or back holster, or sholder or sholder rig may be used.
2) LE/MIL may use thigh rigs or duty gear.
3) AMMO can be carried anywhere on the body, but safe retrieval must be considered (use mag holders or speedloader or speedloader holders) but if you need some extra in a pocket, no problem, just be safe.


  • VEAL MEAL:  UNDER 18 years of age
  • STEAK:  18-50 years of age
  • WELL DONE:  50-65 years of age
  • LEATHER:  OVER 65 years of age
  • SWEET MEAT:  Female shooters
  • MRE:  Military active
  • C-RATS:  Military veteran

These are the preliminary rules to get the game off to a safe and fun start. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are these rules ever to get to a point you need an 8 hour class to understand them, nor an attorney to interpret them.


Zombie Shooters Association Target, Head

Zombie Shooters Association Target, Head

1) All Zombie targets need 1 head shot to kill and incur no penalty.

2) All “Infected” targets (designated with a red “+” on the head) require 3 body shots, at least 2 of which are “Good”  (“C” or “Down 1”) hits to kill and incur no penalty. Head shots count as good hits.

3) All steel targets must fall to score a kill. Steel should be about the same size as head shot, 6”x6” square or 6” round, and shall always be placed at least 10 yards from the shooting position, this is for safety reasons.

Zombie Shooters Association Target, Body

Zombie Shooters Association Target, Body

4) Mandatory targets are those that must be engaged or incur penalty, these include Zombies out to 10 yards and steel from 10 yards and out, and all Infected targets at any distance.

5) Time Saving targets (head area is painted yellow on Zombies, and red “+” if time saving infected — put the infected targets out pretty far, remember that these are bonus targets, make them worth the time!!) are those that need not be engaged and incur no penalty for the non-engagement or miss, but if hit, will get a 3 second reduction from overall stage time. If a “Meal” target is near a Time Saver and is hit, the penalty shall be incurred. Time Savers shall be Zombies or steel greater than 10 yards away and shall be pointed out in the stage brief.

6) This is easy, don’t make it hard.

If you aren’t using Zombie Shooters Association “Zombie” targets, any USPSA or IDPA style target may be used. Save the targets from your last regular match and the heads should be still pretty clean, so use them for Zombie matches, recycle and save, Zombie killers are keeping’ it Green.

1) Zombies are standard targets and need 1 head shot to kill.

2) Infected targets  are also standard and need minimum of 3 body hits, at least 2 must be “Good” (“C” or better, or “Down 1” or better) to score a kill.

3) STILL WALKIN’ (SW) is a failure on Zombie and incurs 5 second penalty.

4) CREATED A WALKER (CAW) is failure on an Infected and incurs 10 second penalty.

5) WRECKED A MEAL (WAM) is hit on living target (white) and incurs a 10 second penalty no matter how many times it is hit, each WAM target can earn penalty if hit.

6) SAVING TIME (ST) is a time saving bonus target that need not be engaged, but if it is engaged and the hit is good, the 3 seconds for each Time Saver target is deducted from the total stage time.

7) Procedural penalties are assessed for getting closer than 3 yards to any Zombie or Infected target that has not been killed, or sticking any part of your body through a port (could get your arm bit), entering through a doorway with targets less than 3 yards away prior to killing them. Each offense earns 3 second penalty.

Since scoring is important, scoring overlays may be used; if you prefer the “tie goes to the runner” approach to scoring, no problem, go play tee-ball. If both LP’s (living protectors) ((RO/SO)) disagree on a score, a third shall be called in and that call will be final.

If you use disappearing targets, they get scored as SW or CAW as applicable, you never know when a Zombie will come back. Use common sense so as not to make it too hard for the newer shooter.


1) Set no targets closer than 3 yards to any shooting zone.

2) All steel must be at least 10 yards from any shooting zone.

3) No such nonsense as a scored “shoot thru” hit on target, set stages so it won’t happen. No grease ring, no hit.

4) All stages, except official classifier stages per written brief, shall be 100% freestyle. Shoot it however you want, just do it safely.

5) Use whatever stuff you have to create fun stages with no minimum or maximum round count. Set it up to develop certain skill sets (splits, transitions, on the move, etc.)

6) Strive to enforce a 170 degree rule, keep it safe. Clubs can dictate other rules as to walls, target heights, etc. based on safety concerns.


MAKE READY:  shooter will load and holster, or place firearm per stage brief

ARE YOU READY:  shooter will state when he/she is ready to start stage

STANDBY:  1-4 second delay to start signal


FINGER:  remove finger from inside trigger guard while loading, unloading, moving while not shooting

MUZZLE:  getting close to the 170

YOU DONE?:   give the shooter a chance to figure that out before asking

UNLOAD AND SHOW CLEAR:  shooter removes magazine/opens cylinder, unloads


RANGE IS CLEAR:  may go forward to score/ paste / reset targets

Be safe ,,, have fun ,,, come back again

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