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Zombie Shooters Association

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The basic concept is to have safe, competitive fun.

These matches are to get new shooters out to compete in a safe, laid back, fun environment, while giving the higher end shooter some more trigger time.

Stages should try to simulate real Zombie attack situations whenever possible, and many great stage ideas can be found in the movies.

Matches shall be open to any and all LEGAL, living, non infected US Citizens without regard to age, gender, race, political affiliation or religion. Physically handicapped folks are more than welcome and MD’s shall make every effort to aid and assist such people to compete. No alcohol or mind altering drugs allowed at all prior to or during any match.

As this is designed to be family oriented, please refrain from bad language and t-shirts of poor taste, MD’s make the call on this, use your heads.

This is competitive and some are more competitive than others, so keep in mind that you don’t want to set a bad example for a new shooter and maybe turn them away.

Zombie Shooters Association

Zombies are in trouble!

Every match will be different and can be run according to the local club’s layout and available props.  Stages can be designed to allow new shooters to easily complete a stage and actually hit stuff, while the layout and use of TIME SAVER targets can give the higher end shooter a chance to excel. Set stages to work specific skill sets if you want, the idea is to have fun and improve your game.

Match DQ’s shall be for any safety violation and we all know the rules, local MD’s shall go over all this (170 rule, sweeping, drop loaded gun, handling firearm when not told to do so, etc). Use good sound judgment on this.

Be safe — have fun — come back again

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