Zombie All Gun Matches

3 gun Zombie Shooters AssociationIf you have never shot a “3 Gun” match before, you don’t know how much fun you are missing!

You can watch a few videos here to get a good idea of what occurs during a 3 Gun match.  These videos were taken during a USPSA 3 Gun Match last year.

Here’s the rules for “ZAG”, Zombie All Gun

You choose to shoot in REGULAR SIGHTS CLASS (all iron sights on all 3 guns, rifle, pistol and shotgun) or  NOT REGULAR SIGHTS CLASS ( as many optics, scopes, lasers, rangefinders or any other fancy high tech thing you can attach to any or all guns).  Any action type for any gun, revolver, pump, semi auto, bolt action, lever action, as long as it is a safe firearm. Yes, you may use .22 rimfire, but you will not be able to knock down longer range steel and will be assessed the penalties, but so what, you will still have fun. Pretty simple, there should be no questions here.

With that out of the way, you choose what division you want to compete in, again very simple: MAXIMUM LOAD IN ALL 3 GUNS COMBINED:

20 Division: example, Revolver with 6 rounds, shotgun with 6 rounds and M1 Garand rifle with 8 rounds

30 Division: example, SKS rifle with 10 rounds, shotgun with 8 rounds and put 12 rounds in your pistol

45 Division: example Mini 14 or M1A rifle with 20 rounds, shotgun with 8 rounds and 17 rounds in your Glock, M&P or XD

45+ Division: As much as you want in rifle 30 or more in your AR 15, whatever you can fit in your shotgun and whatever your pistol will hold to total over 45 rounds.

The largest CLASS will most likely be NOT REGULAR SIGHTS, as most rifles today have some sort of optic on them, and 45+ division, so you can load your firearms up to the designed higher capacity.

Please bear in mind, this is designed for the newer shooter without all the fancy expensive gear to come out with what he or she has and learn to safely enjoy 3 gun shooting. The more experienced 3 gun shooter can bring out the higher end competition gear and have a ball. The stages will be designed so even a first time shooter can safely negotiate the course and hit stuff and have fun, while the hard core competitor can get some great trigger time and the longer range bonus targets will offer plenty of challenge.

Scoring will be the same as “ZAP” Zombie Action Pistol; Zombie targets require 1 head shot, Infected targets require 3 hits on paper, at least 2 hits “C”/ “down 1” or better.  Our official “ZSA” targets have a head area and a “GOOD” zone about the same size as “C”/down 1 and a “NOT GOOD” zone the same as “D”/down 3, the head counts as a “GOOD” hit. Rifle steel targets must fall to score and will be 1 shot like a Zombie and shotgun plates are the same, fall to score. We will use no more than 4 required slug or buckshot in a match on paper to score, slugs will be 1 headshot on Zombies and buckshot will be used on Infecteds out around 20-30 yards, 3 hits on paper to score.

Average round counts for matches will be 80-100 each for rifle and pistol and about mid 40’s on birdshot, with no more than 4 required shots with buckshot or slugs. No shotgun stage will have more than 12 required shots, so 6 in the gun and 6 more on a simple stock sleeve will get you by, if you don’t miss.

Our own Three Gun Match:


If you still have any questions, please send us a message to email@zombieshootersassociation.com We will respond as quickly as possible!

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