The Carolina Cup – IDPA Match at The Range in Oxford in NC and ZSA

The Carolina Cup - Oxford NC


To all our Zombie Shooter Association (ZSA) members that are shooting The Carolina Cup this week at “The Range” in Oxford, NC., best of luck !!!!

Please remember what we are about, safety first, have fun and shoot well. This is the first BIG IDPA match for many of you, and just do what you have learned from us so far, be safe, front sight and squeeze for each shot, and be a good sport.

This match is claimed by many to be THE BEST outdoor IDPA match of the year!! Frank and Paula Glover and their staff put on an outstanding match for all of us to enjoy, please remember to thank all involved for all the hard work and preparation that goes into an event of this magnitude.

A few tips to remember for ZSA members going to the Carolina Cup:

  • IDPA is accuracy based, focus more on that than speed.
  • Study the IDPA targets to know where 0 is.
  • Remember shoot to slide lock then reload don’t drop partial magazines.
  • Always shoot near to far and slice the pie from cover.
  • If cover you can not expose your lower body when you shoot.
  • Listen intently to the stage brief for their are often special instructions for that particular stage.
  • Make sure to know the unique range rules of any new range.
  • If you don’t know ask! Lots of good people around to help.

The History and how The Carolina Cup began:

The Carolina Cub website:

The Range in Oxford’s Website:

If you came here looking for the Carolina Cup Horse races, which has nothing to do with THE Carolina Cup, go here:

Photos from The Carolina Cup:

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So many Zombies, so little time…


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