Understanding the Scoring of Zombie Shooters Association

As you have probably figured out by now, we really don’t shoot Zombies in ZombieShooters Association matches, ’cause Zombies ain’t real! We do however, shoot our own cardboard targets, any hit to the head area counts, as our targets have done away with the outer scoring perf on the head area (get a grease ring and at least half a bullet hole to score).

This is an Infected target and requires 3 hits on paper, at least 2 of which must be “C” hits or “down 1” to score to score a kill. Yes, headshots are good hits.

Infected Zombie - Zombie Shooters Association


This is a Zombie, one shot to the head and this Zombie is done.

Zombie -  Zombie Shooters Association
A Zombie – Single Head Shot


Here we have a Meal below the Infected target, hit this and earn a “wrecked a meal” penalty for 10 seconds added to your stage time. These targets are plain white. Only 1 penalty will be assessed no matter how many times you hit the meal, but if there are targets above and below the meal, you can incur a penalty for each hit (shot low on high target and high on low target) for 2 “wrecked a meal” penalties, (hint, use the front sight and SQUEEEEEEEEZE the trigger to avoid the bad shot).

Zombie Shooters Association - Target

This target is a bonus “Time Saver” designated by the yellow head. These are Zombies that are placed farther than 10 yards out. You do not have to engage these targets, but if you do and get the headshot, you earn an extra Zombie kill and get 3 seconds off your stage time.

Zombie Shooters Association

The targets below have a blackened area referred to as “hard cover”. The hard cover represents a barrier that a bullet would not penetrate, such as a concrete wall. There is no penalty for hitting hard cover, but the shot does not score, so if you don’t make it up, you get the penalty for the miss.

Hard Cover - Zomie Shooters Association

Hopefully this answers some questions you may have. The best way to understand all this is to grab your gear and join us at the match and just shoot and have some safe fun. Join the email list so we can get upcoming events and news items to you, see you soon on the range!

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