Why should I go to a ZSA match if I shoot USPSA or IDPA?

John Z with timer at a Zombie Shooters Association match at Eagle 1 SupplyWhy should I go to a ZSA match????

Now that we are almost in our 6th month of existence, some people may be asking themselves, why should I try ZSA?

Well for starters it’s FUN !!! We are geared for the newer shooter and that may turn a few hardcore competitors off, but no need for that. Every stage has challenges built in that will be of great benefit to the seasoned shooter, while allowing the newer shooter to easily complete a stage safely and become better and more competent in his/her gun handling skills.

But I already shoot USPSA or IDPA, why should I bother shooting ZSA? Many answers to that one: it’s quality trigger time, you can meet new shooting friends, pass on some of your knowledge to newer shooters, try out a new gun/gear/load before a regular USPSA/IDPA match, work on a specific skill set before you blow a stage in USPSA/IDPA (Just how fast can I shoot on the move? Can I make that 18 yard head shot? How are my reloads while hauling butt to the next position? Should I hose that array, or get the slower more accurate hits?)

Why should I shoot ZSA 3 gun (ZAG)? I already compete in 3 gun: what does ZSA offer that I can’t find someplace else? This is about the best chance you will have to take that rifle in the back of the safe and have some fun with it. You know the one, that old Enfield, or maybe the AK that you would never shoot at a 3 gun match, but always thought about how much fun it would be. Maybe ammo funds are low and you have a few bricks of .22’s laying around, grab the 10-22 and have at it. Dad’s old M1 Carbine been neglected for a few years?  Clean it up and bring it out. Maybe that hunting rifle that only gets shot once or twice a year, run a match with it and you will be a better hunter for it.

But a new game will be too many rules and equipment requirements to learn and keep up with, why bother? Oh contraire, very few rules, other than safety, and the gear and equipment could not be simpler. Scoring is “Good” or “Not Good”, even those of us blessed with a Public School education can figure that out.

So far we’ve had a few hundred people come out and shoot with us. From brand new first time shooters (many have also joined USPSA and IDPA and compete in those games now as well), to seasoned hard core competitors of Master level and various State, Area and Regional champions, not to mention, some of the best RO’s and SO’s that the sports have to offer. Our lead man in Florida also happens to be a National Champ and stay tuned to “Top Shot” Season 3 to see him on TV !!!

But don’t take my word on this, after all I am slightly biased, the majority of comments after a match are ” dude, way cool match”, “that was the most fun I’ve had shooting in years”, “awesome match, I’ll be back”, “did you see that old guy with the revolver and M1 Garand ?” (not really old, chronologically advanced).

In closing, there is one more reason you should shoot a ZSA match: construction is dead for me now after 30+ years of it, and it’s a point in my life to try and do something that I believe in and we can leave for our kids when we “leave the range”, that has some value. Yes we make a SMALL amount of money on each match, and a SMALL amount of money on the memberships and hats and shirts, but if we get enough small amounts coming in, it just might be enough to keep the bills paid and the comfort of knowing there will be something for the kids when the time comes. Making a living doing what you love, with people you really care about, in the Greatest Country in the World, that my friends, is MY idea of “The American Dream”, please come out and help me live it, thanks , be safe and see you at a match soon.

John Z. co-founder of ZSA.

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