Zombie Shooters Association Podcast Interview on the New Shooter Podcast show

New Shooter Podcast interview of Zombie Shooters Association - ZSAWe are so appreciative to Nick at www.newshooterpodcast.com for conducting our first podcast interview!

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Interview with John Zaczek, founder of the new-shooter-friendly action shooting sport, Zombie Shooters Association of America – ZSA.

About Nick, founder of New Shooter Podcast: a guy who entered the gun world in his mid-30s, podcasting about shooting, guns, and enjoying the gun culture. His “new shooter” perspective brings a fresh look of all the aspect of New Shooters and something for experienced shooters as well.

Hear his show and comprehensive list of other gun Podcast on the site:

Photo of John Z. on the Podcast:

New Shooter Podcast of John Z. from Zombie Shooters Association - ZSA

John Z. on the Podcast with Nick from New Shooters Podcast


Let us hear your comments about the show and
look forward to seeing you at a Zombie Shooters Association – ZSA match.

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