ZSA Wedding Raffle Winners

Thanks to everyone who donated items for our ZSA Wedding Match at The Range on October 16th!  If anyone listed below was not at the wedding to receive their item, we will have the prizes with us for you at upcoming match events.


Raffle Winners:

Side Match Guns
Rob Tate
Jason Gray

Benelli Shotgun
Ken Kiesler

AR15 Grip Pods
Mark French
Matt Mayers
Ken Dunaway
Robert Kreashko
Kori Horsley

Zombie Target
Matt Mayers

1 year USPSA membership – new or renewal
Jeff Jamison

Sir Walter Match Bucks
Heather Fitzhugh
Bobbi Fratto
Craig Fitzhugh
John Scarborough

Steel Challenge Entries
Bobbi Fratto
Kori Horsley

Magazine Loaders
George Devlin
Bruce Rogers
Bill Pitsicalis

Spinner Target
Ken Kiesler

Appleseed Rifleman Weekend event
Jody Cole
Michael Hollar

Social Media for Business books by Martin Brossman
George Devlin
Ken Kiesler

Shooters Crossword Puzzle Books
Dana Way
Bill Stoudenmire
David Morse

Zombieland Movie
Albert Hopping

Box of Twinkies
Scott Ruby
Kori Horsley

TPC Match entry
Willie Lewis

Sniper Match entry
Beth Newton

Ear Plugs from Ear East
Bill Hamlin

Ear Plugs from Hear Armor
Bruce Rogers

Silver Eagle coin
Ken Kiesler

Zombie Survival Guide
John Payne

Wedding Match tshirt
John Scarborough

Trigger Talk TV videos
Todd Smith
Kori Horsley
Bryce Riedasch

Red Zombie Lube
Matt Dickens
Robert Kreashko

Carolina Gun Runner tshirts
John Lane
Sherman Graham
Jim Dyson
George Devlin
Jason Lai
Craig Dunkley
Ken Kiesler
Kenny Payne



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