ZSA Wedding Side Match results, current as of 10/10/2011

Guns for Zombie Shooters Association Wedding Side MatchSIDE MATCH RESULTS AS OF 10.10.11

This is the wedding side match (not the actual guns to be won, but we will have a brand new 1911 and brand new S&W 686 at the wedding). Both guns loaded with 5 rounds, at buzzer, pick up one gun, shoot 2 Zombies and 1 Infected, place gun down, pick up other and do it again. Best overall time will win their choice of the 2 guns, and the second gun will be randomly drawn for one shooter from the side match.

We will have the gun match at the Wedding too and give away the guns at the end of the day. Please RSVP if you can come: email@zombieshootersassociation.com or on our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/zombieshootersassociation.com

More about the Gun Range Wedding and Match:

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